Cen-Den 2022 Olympic Fun - Feb. 7-18

Cen-Den 2022 Olympic Fun - Feb. 7-18
Posted on 02/02/2022
Cen-Den 2022 Olympic Fun - Feb. 7-18


We will have two weeks of fun filled adventures as all of the Specials will be joining together with Olympic Themed and or heart healthy activities and adventures based on the Kids Heart Challenge Heart Heroes and our TEAM USA spirit!

Monday – February 7th Kids Heart Challenge Olympics
Wear Team USA/Olympic shirt or a past KHC shirt... Be on the lookout as we start out with CAPTAIN KHC to kick off the week of Jump Rope for Heart activities. Captain KHC has fun pit stops planned for everyone — sometimes a special guest appears and other times the class will have a fun activity or team challenge to unlock more fun.

Tuesday – February 8th - Jersey Day                                        
Crew loves being part of a team! They like to hear what others on a team think and learn what things they want to do on the team. Crew knows sometimes being a great team member is about helping cheer on the rest of your team!

Wednesday – February 9th - Neon clothing Day!             
SKY has a black belt in martial arts and wants to use their skills to protect people by defeating tobacco! Wearing bright colors also reminds everyone that eating colorful fruits and vegetables is good for their hearts! Eat healthy and mix up your colors inside and out today!!!

Thursday – February 10th Olympics Colors Day!             
You can Wear the colors of the country” you want to represent today! Flash is always on the move. He enjoys soccer, tennis and walking with friends. When Flash gets active, he feels better — in his body and in his mind. Sometimes when he feels stressed or worried, flash goes for a walk or dances around his room a bit. Today we welcome our 4K for their Olympic Challenges in the gym for the KHC!

Friday - February 11th - Cen-Den Spirit Day (Blue/Yellow Day)
Wear your Cen-Den shirts! BANKS is a water loving dude just as we Dolphins are. He drinks lots of water and stays away from sugary beverages! Stay hydrated and stick with frequent water breaks during the day for a healthy happy body!!


Monday – February 14th Have a Heart (Red Day) & post some Positive Vibes
Wear Red and... Have a heart with Amor & Max to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday – February 15th - BLACK OUT Day!
Lee helps others come together to accomplish shared goals or solve problems. He’s a great listener and respects others. Lee always tries to be fair — and never allows bullying. Wear your BLACK clothing today to BLOCK out bullying and be more like Lee!

Wednesday February 16th - Tie-Dyed  COLORS Day!       
The Kids Heart Challenge brings you heart healthy information and reminds everyone that eating colorful fruits and vegetables is good for their hearts! Being nice to friends also makes the heart and body happy as well!  Let’s Eat a healthy snack and share some kindness as we mix up your colors inside and out today!!! Pack a healthy snack and share a smile today!!!

Thursday – February 17th Olympics Colors Day!
Wear Team USA/Olympic colors as we close out our Olympic fun with CAPTAIN KHC and the 2022 Kids Heart Challenge. Captain KHC has helped with fun pit stops planned for everyone — make sure you take some time to thank your teacher and give your parents or whoever supports you at home a big hug for all their help making this fun for you too.  Teamwork is the only way we can make this happen!

Friday - February 18th - Cen-Den Spirit Day (Blue/Yellow Day)
Show your DOLPHIN Pride as we conclude the 2022 Kids Heart Challenge.


FINN & SLADE are two little guys who have shared their stories and TOGETHER we have shared some moments over the past two weeks to make memories as we have learned, laughed, and grown together to help others in this year’s Kids Heart Challenge!  Thank you to everyone involved and to our amazing students for your efforts and help to make these two weeks of challenges and activities possible.

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