Reminders Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Reminders Pick-Up and Drop-Off
Posted on 09/14/2020
Reminders Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Hello CenDen Families!

As we are settling into the routines of the new school year, we wanted to take a minute to send out a few reminders about our pick-up and drop-off procedures.  While we know that these beginning and end of the day scenarios can be frustrating, after many years of trying to work out the kinks, we also know that when everyone is patient and follows the guidelines, it really does run like a well-oiled machine.  We have updated the attached map to help.

The pick-up and drop-off location for our 4K through 1st grade students is on Cook Street.  Please join the line from NORTH STREET.  DO NOT TRY TO ENTER FROM DODGE STREET.  THIS WOULD REQUIRE YOU TO CUT INTO THE LINE AHEAD OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING, THUS CREATING UNDUE FRUSTRATION.  We do need to keep the Dodge Street intersection open for non-school crossing.  Our 2nd and 3rd graders can be picked-up/dropped off on Madison Street.  Please enter the line on Madison Street from the south.  If you have students in multiple grades, please plan to pick-up/drop-off on Cook Street, as the older children can more easily walk to the appropriate side of the building.

Whether on Cook Street or Madison Street, approach the pick-up/drop-off area slowly, but keep the line moving.  Please have your child positioned to exit/enter the car on the building side of your vehicle.  In order to keep things moving smoothly, please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED.  We do have staff members on each side of the building to help our students get in and out of cars. With a couple weeks of the routines under our belt, we are really encouraging the skills of independence by allowing the children to walk into the building on their own.  Rest-assured, there are many adults both inside and outside of the building to help guide them to where they need to go.  Please be sure to share this information with any family members or family friends who may be asked to pick-up or drop-off your child.

If you have a student at Eastview that takes the transfer bus to CenDen, you may want to consider picking him/her up at Eastview before coming to CenDen. Waiting in the pick-up line for the transfer bus actually holds up the line for parents of “CenDen Only” kiddos and the wait only adds to your frustration.

Please remember how narrow those side streets are and how much traffic is moving through at these times.  Be sure to check your mirrors and look around you before moving out into traffic.  If you choose to park and need to cross the road, PLEASE be a role model for our students and use the crosswalks.  We work hard to encourage safe practices with our students.  We love it when our adults can model those practices.

Above all, patience and respect are key.  Whether it is waiting for a mom to load up her little ones into car seats or following the guidelines given by our staff to keep the lines moving.  Everyone is trying to do their best to keep our children safe.  Use of foul language and gestures doesn’t get the job done faster, it only adds to the frustration.  Please stay in your cars if possible, be alert to moving bodies and vehicles, and be appreciative of the safe delivery of your child to your vehicle. We know that with time, things will settle, but in the meantime, please be observant of the process and respectful of those who are taking part in its success.


Mrs. Buhler and Mr. Nugent

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