Student Information for 2021-2022

Student Information for 2021-2022
Posted on 03/23/2021
Student Information for 2021-2022
It is that time of year when the Central-Denison staff starts to think about the class lists for next year. We are currently working to develop class lists that are supportive and beneficial to all students.  All of the Central-Denison teachers are highly qualified educators as recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Our teachers extend themselves to their students, determine their needs, and educate appropriately. We feel that every one of our teachers will develop each student to his or her fullest potential. Therefore, we will not accept parent requests for a specific teacher.
Because we take this process seriously and we value your input as parents, we would like to enlist your help. If there is information regarding your child’s education that their teachers are unaware of.  Please complete the attached Student Information Slip and return it to school by April 9th. Please keep in mind that this is not a “teacher request” form. We feel the focus should be on the child. Please tell us about your child’s needs and let us determine the best teacher as well as the best group placement for your child. With this team approach, we hope to place children in a setting that offers success for all.
Thank you in advance for your understanding of this procedure, as well as your continued support of Central-Denison and the education of all children.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who develops the class lists? 
The process is as follows:
  1. The classroom teachers, in collaboration with building specialists, develop tentative class lists. The principal will review the tentative lists and assign a teacher to each list.
  2. The tentative lists go through a final review by all staff to ensure balanced classes with the best possible placements for students and teachers.
  3. During the summer, the principal only alters the lists when families move in and out of the district. The class lists will become public in August. Students will learn who their teacher is at that time.

What factors are considered?
We consider students’ peer relationships, ability levels, gender ratio, personality, learning styles, behavior, assessment data, special education needs, language levels, and the social and emotional needs, etc. for each child, as we create balanced, successful classes.

Can I request a teacher?
Because the staff puts such diligent care and effort into forming the best possible classes, we do not accept requests for particular teachers. Additionally, because of enrollment shifts around the district at this time, it is uncertain as to which teachers will be assigned to each grade level.

How may I contribute information about my child that may help the class list development process?
Naturally, information already known by the current homeroom teacher, or by any member of the Central-Denison staff, will be considered. There is no need to write repetitive information. If you have new information to share, please return the attached form by April 9th.

If I choose not to complete the slip, will my child be overlooked in any manner?
Absolutely not! Every child is valued and considered to be just as important as any other child in determining the best match in learning environments. In fact, in many cases, the vast majority of families do not feel the need to provide any extra information.

When will we find out who our child’s teacher will be?
Class placements are made available to families when your child’s school registration process is completed in August. More information about the registration process will be published before the end of the school year. 
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